Concept: Quarantäne Artist Collective
Art world engineer: Felix Molitor
Artists/ Artist groups: Albena Baeva, Albert Hamidovich, Anastasia Alekseevna, Answer 51, Atelie 51, Anna und Vitalii Cherepanov, Christian Richter, Elena Viktoria Pastor, Jarkko Räsänen, Jenny Reißmann, Jimok Choi, Leda Vaneva, Lieven Meyer, Mari Poller, Manuel Zint, Michael Steinhauser, Momchil Alexiev, Rene Beekman, Radoil Serafimov, Studio of Factory,,
viktor d., Vladimir Seleznyov, Zip Group

During Corona Virus times we decided to create Quarantäne 13 online as a Sandbox game like Minecraft. For more than one month have been inviting new artists to join the project. The artists received space to build and to present their artworks. The online exhibition was constantly visited by observers who could follow the process as well as chat with the artists and with other visitors.
A short presentation of Quarantäne 13 you can see HERE

The opening took place on 4.06.2020 and was presented with a 3 hours online streaming you can see HERE
As part of Quarantäne 13 we did a series of artist talks with:
Leda Vaneva and Lieven Meyer:
Mari Poller and Momchil Alexiev:
Anastasia Alekseevna and Jarkko Räsänen:

Quarantäne 13 gave the artists the possibility to connect with other artists internationally as well as to
exhibit their work in front of a wide audience, despite the isolation restrictions and closed borders.
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Some screenshots from the exhibition:











In October 2020 Quarantäne 13 was part of SOFIA GAME NIGHT.

The program of Sofia Game Night was presented mainly in an online format.
A Zoom Talk with Quarantäne Artist Collective you can watch here:
However, Quarantäne 13 was shown with a one week installation in Goethe Institute, Sofia.
Our thanks go to Albena Baeva, Yana Krachunova, Momchil Alexiev, Stefka Tsaneva and the whole Team of Sofia Game Night
Photos: Momchil Alexiev



Especially for Sofia Game Night and Goethe Institute the server of Quarantäne 13 was restarted and everybody
visiting the installation could interact as artists in all the 4 Art Worlds.
Photo:  Sofia game Night